Saturday, September 06, 2003

Party's. They like to make you THINK two-three hours of your time friday night might be fun. Yeah, fucking right. It went something like this:

9:30PM - Listen to store manager explain why I should suck up to customers.

10:15 - Listen to regional manager explain why I should suck up to customers.

10:30 - Watch a video taped by someone who went to a shitty store as an example of why we should suck up to customers.

10: 45 - Watch everyone in the store, cept me of course, get an honorable recgonition either from management or other co-workers. Employee of the month BS, etc

11:00 - Watch a manager get hosed down. An event I wasn't allowed to have ANY part in.

All I have to show from last night is sore feet, a case of insomnia and a 3 more hours to my paycheck, which isn't really a bonus since 'labor' keeps shorting me anyhow.

Friday, September 05, 2003

KFC got vandalized last night. The mens bathroom was covered in anti-meat stickers. I just HAD to take one home cause they looked so funny.


Some guy came in yesterday, first through drive through, claiming he had credit for 3 meals. Then he got directed into comming into the lobby. This guys got an interesting history with the store. Mainly cause the credit he wanted was already claimed. Not only that, but when he did claim the meal he grabed the manager on duty and tried to pull her through the drive through window because she was asking for a photo ID. My manager for that night calmly explained that he can't claim a credit he no longer has with the store. I couldn't understand his counter point at all. Either he thinks credit with KFC lasts forever, or that having credit for a 3 piece meal means you can have 3 free meals.

He left without a damn thing in a huff. I'm all tears.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Man... You cannot believe how ignorant some of the people who come to our cinema are. I was on an Ushering shift day before yesterday, and I'm about to break the end of an Aisian film. So I go in during the last 15 minutes, and I almost trip over a baby buggy left in the exit isle. We do have a room where people can leave their buggies, which is locked at all times, untill a Cast Member opens it, so there's no excuse for this obvious potential hazard. So anyway, I stand and watch the end of this Aisan film that doesn't make sence what so ever, and then when the credits roll, I open the doors, and stand opposide the buggy. As soon as the owner tried to put her baby back in it, (A middle aged woman) I wait for her to strap her kid in, then I approach her, friendly as ever, and explain that we have a room for the buggy, and that it's a potential hazard, etc. What pissed me off, was that all the time, she was just staring at me with the "I'm Not Listening" stare, and started walking away before I finished. So I just stood in front of the buggy while I finished. She still took no notice. Next time I see a baby buggy in the isle for an Asian film, I'm just gonna see if I can get a Team Leader to confiscate it or something. We probably can't do that, but... Ugh.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

LOL. Sorry I haven't posted any rants yet. I got a bunch written down I'll post in margin. >^.~<

The other day this old married couple came in, about 70 years I'd guess. The old man did most of the talking. He asked what kind of wings we had, and I explained we had spicy bbq wings, and boneless honey bbq wings. He asked if we had anything not spicey and I mention the boneless honey bbq again.

He looks me right in the eye and asks if they're spicey. After a moments pause I tell him they're honey bbq with extreme emphasis on the honey part. This goes on about two more times. The guy get more and more pissed when it finally sinks in we don't have normal wings WITH bones. I don't understand why, considering old peoples teeth (shot). For no real reason he turns to his wife and says in that type of whisper where they act like it's secret but they WANT you to hear it, "You see why I hate this place?" He then proceeds to order the boneless honey bbq wings all pissed off and takes two hours to eat them in the lobby. All this after I gave them medium drinks free of charge, the bastards.


This really shouldn't have pissed me off too much, but this happened right after the old couple I just mentioned. So I was already too pissed to not take offense. These three teenagers came in, two girls and one guy. They about freshmen at best judging by how the acted. What bothers me was the girl ordering had on this tube top that was obviously one size smaller then her....ample figure. She was readjusting her boobs no less then three times as she ordered, and I'm doing my best not to look for fear the guy is her boyfriend. So I tell her the total of the order then cash in her 10$ bill. I guess my voice sounds funny to the dick cause as I was making change he tried whispering to the girl mocking everything I had said. Not a good thing to do two feet in front of me, since I heard a good 60% of what he said.

I gave him a "shut the fuck up" glare, handed the girl her change and didn't bother with the standard friendly closing.


Here's my first stupid customer experience, and still the funniest by far. It happened almost two years ago shortly after I got off cooking and trained for drive through.

Customer: Hi. What knd of small dinners do you have with dark meat?

Co-worker: Well, sir, we have the two piece meal, and the three piece meal.

Customer (without missing a beat): What's the difference?

Last night, I had just finished sweeping the floor. It was a mere twenty minutes to close...and this lady came in with five mentally challenged kids. They all ordered rice, and the kids ended up throwing more of it than eating it. ::Seethe::

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'd like to second this entry, untill Cait gets comments on the Blog. Yes Bonnie, we also get people who que for God-knows how long, then decide what to order. Annoying as hell.
I'll start with the first rant! Woo!

Yesterday was Labour Day, and the manager decided to close the store an hour early. After the doors were locked, a customer drove up, got out, and tried the door. The door was locked.

The customer left, drove off, drove back a few minutes later, and tried the door again. He then beckoned for my attention. I tentatively cracked the door open, and the moron said 'Are you closed?'

While I was taking a customer's order, she asked if we served caviar. Fucking caviar. In a Chinese restaurant. xD

Customer: "What is the soup of the day?"
Me: "Egg flower."
Customer: "I'd like hot and sour soup."
Me: "We don't have hot and sour today, sorry."
Customer: "Can't you go back and make it?"
Me: "No."

Customer: "Excuse me, the ice tea is clear."
Me: "You're pushing the water button."

This happens multiple times a day:

Me: "Would you like a drink?"
Customer: "No."
After that, I'll ring them up.
Customer, after having received their change: "Where's my drink?"

Here's another. We'll get a line, and the people will stand in line for 10-15 minutes with crossed arms, looking all angry that they have to wait. After they get to the front of the line, they then start the deliberation process of what they want to order, while other customers stand in line pissed off because they have to wait. !@%*.

I'll think of more later, but this is just a fragment of the crap I go through on a daily basis.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Cool. Everyone's here. >^.^< Time to start making fun of customers.

I have to leave now though, so I'll post rants when I get back. lol.
I think this is working...is it? Testing!
Blog? Kay, I think I got this working...

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