Saturday, September 13, 2003

So I'm working on Box Office, and a group of 4 adults come over and ask to see "Such-A-Film". I put it through my till, and say the amount: £23.20.

One guy immediently exclaims: "HOW MUCH?!" - I repeat: £23.20

He then goes on to rant about "How fucking expensive" it all is, then pays.

The point? If you don't like it: Don't complain and bitch - JUST DON'T FUCKING PAY FOR IT! GO AWAY!

Friday, September 12, 2003

I'd just like to say one thing to all people. Nothing complicated, just something...well, the only thing I truely hate about customers in general. It happens so often too, I'm tired of it. Ready?


KFC does not come with any standards for any meal, in fact very few restuarants do. What that means, dipsticks, you have to actually tell me if you want meals or just plain fucking chicken pieces. Yanno, the menu's aren't that fucking complicated and I'm truely sorry you can only act like kids in front of an ice cream van, ordering only by what pictures you see.

In other word: If you walk up to my register and simply say something like, "I want a 3 piece chicken and that's it." I'm going to assume you ment just that and if you wanted sides with that, you're shit out of luck.

Have a nice day! >^.^<


Someone came into drive though yesterday, and according to the one's working it they asked in a serious tone: "What sizes do you chicken legs come in?"

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Yesterday, some stupid bitch (with an annoying lisp; she sharpened all of her 's's and it was very harsh on the ears) asked for ssspring rolls. I told her that we were out, and more would be on the way in a few minutes.

To this, she lifted her nose and replied 'You have five minutesss!'

Nobody, and I mean nobody, gives me a fucking deadline I can't control. It's up to the cooks how long it takes.

I saw the spring rolls were done about three minutes later. I decided this stupid asshole needed to wait fifteen minutes. She then, of course, asked for ssssweet and sssour sssauce. ARGH!
In other news, we need to get Reeba an avatar. >^.~<

People with Cell phones don't bother me as much as you guys. But that's mainly cause most who come into KFC using them have enough brains to get out of the damn line.

What does bother me though are the type of customers who order, pay, then wait till I get started on the next perso to cut them off an order something else they 'forgot.'

For fucks sake, KNOW what you're going to get BEFORE you step up to the register, not AFTER you've paid for you damn meal.

It's called common curtisy, you rude dimwits!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Especially when we are trying to serve you! Sheesh! Get off your sodding phone and talk to the person serving you so we can get the line moving faster! Bloody hell!
I have two words for mobile phone owners: FUCK YOU.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against mobile phones. I think they're really cool, and it's nice to be able to keep in touch with your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/mechanic about pointless shit...but not when there are twelve people out the door, you fucking stupid, selfish, self-centered prat.

This also doubles for people that talk on their phone and drive at the same time. Do you know it's possible for me to pick out someone who is using a mobile phone, versus a hands-free device (or no phone at all)? The person with the phone in their hand is driving like shit! Duuhhh.

Doesn't common sense hit these people? You don't stand in a crowd talking about your sex life, and you don't whip out your phone to discuss with your husband how many soy sauce packets you fucking want. You think you're so fucking cool with your mobile phone? Guess what? Everyone has one!

See that little six-year-old in the corner? She has one! The dog pissing on the tree outside has a mobile phone too. Mobile phones are not a symbol of class, wealth, or status. It just means you like to pay expensive monthly bills out your ass every month to show everyone in public what a cock you are.

So, next time you think about pulling out your mobile phone in a public, do yourself a favour and ram that phone up your ass. Nobody cares how loud or how special you think you are because you can call up whoever the fuck you want, wherever you want, to talk about whatever you want, with complete disregard to everyone around you. Nobody cares, nobody will fucking care, and you can bet that mobile phone has made your brain leak out your ear.

Fuck you and your toy, you obnoxious retards.

So I'm working on the Box Office for the first time, and we just reach the end of a queue, which are 5 Asian women. My Co-Worker hits his button to call them over while I finish serving some Guests. (Not Customers, Guests. :P)

The want to see an Asian film. Don't ask me what, I can never remember, but what I do remember, is that they were over half an hour late, which means by Company Policy, we can't let them in. My Co-Worker explains this, and they still insist that they are entitled to go in. We (Yes, I got involved too) explained why they can't go in, (Disturbance to other people) but they swear they'll go in "One At A Time", which, in my opinion, creates more disturbance. Eventually, thay ask to call a manager over, and what really gets me, is that as he is walking across the foyeh, these Asian women actually say:

"Come on Brian! We've got a film to get in to!" (They heard us call his name on the radios)

I think that was pretty cheeky, because they are assuming that we are not letting them in on purpose, and that this manager will make everything better for them. It was satisfing to see their face when he turned them down as well.

Then one of them had to open their mouth and say the stupid remark of:

"Well we can at the Odeon!" (Odeon = Other UK Cinema Company)

This isn't the Odeon. If you like the Odeon's rules, go to the frikkin' Odeon. Saves us having to deal with you.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Tonight was....weird. I mean, nothing bad happened. Just can't believe that.

Customers came in with mistakes, and were CALM about it. One guy even refused to let me give him free food for compensation.

The little family kids were cute, well behaved, and polite. Honest to god!

The old people were kind and caring. Even after I told them KFC does not give senior discounts anymore.

My co-workers were very talkative and helpfull.

Aside from almost running over some one in a cross walk driving home, today went so well I'm wondering if I died or went into a coma or...something. it's just so bizzare.

Oh, and KFC's bathroom got vandalized by the no meat stickers again. My manager is about ready to make them privet restrooms. Hell, that'd make me want to use them again.

.....after several months of cleaning anyway.

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