Saturday, September 20, 2003

I got a warning today because some sleezy bitch ordered eggrolls at the front of register. This means I will have to leave the register, walk to the kitchen, and order more of them, all while the line gets backlogged and piles up. This could be avoided if you tell the food-server employee at the front of the line what the hell you want.

Anyway, I apparently offended this fuck-knocker by rolling my eyes as twenty people piled out the door because of her lack of communication and common sense.

Yeah, we, as workers in the food industry, get paid. But guess what, assholes? We're entitled to basic human respect. People far too often associate me with the company I work for and its policies...but see, when you act rude and undecent, it's personal. So why try to hit the company, morons? It's because you're too selfish, stupid, cowardly, and foolish to finish shit you start with the employee of said company (or you're a fag trying to get a free meal, so you overreact to shit at the cost of the person bending over backwards to help your stupid ass). You're not that important, and never will be important, you douche-sucking, dog-fucking imbeciles.

Want good service? Try treating those who serve you like humans. Then maybe you won't have to complain so damn much when you find spit in your food.

Corporate business sucks cock, and so do asshole customers that use corporate policy to get away with being assholes.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

A lady walked in acting all snotty to my manager working the register. He was still calm and polite while he took the order. But the second he told her there would be a three minute wait on biscutes, she snubbed him and left. All over one fucking biscut. Picky, picky.


Normaly KFC doesn't cook their hot wings to store anymore. No one orders it in masses enough for that. Instead they're cooked to order, which takes about 9 minutes. Apparently thats a crime against customer service according to one bitchy lady who took 2 minutes to decide on an order, 3 minutes to act pissed and give me a new order, and 2 more minutes to give me dirty looks and act angry before moving on.

Some people have just to busy a schedual to wait for wings.


Not too long ago this skinny geek thought I was psycic, and assumed he was stating just the basic meal and thought he was getting the pretty pictures. Nuh uh, my standard for morons who can't specify is mashed potatos and if you don't like it, tough shit. Try actually specifying next time. Naturally he came back with his girlfriend in tow. Gave me this nice long old rant, talking down to me in a slow tone, much like you would to a retard. He even went so far as to complain about the crispy strips because they don't look like foot long sticks in the picture.

Amusingly enough, none of us were offended by all this. Just the opposite. He's this flimsy skinny dork throwing a whinny fit over something he didn't bother specifying himself, talking to us like we're idiots. The entire front staff was looking at him and we were all openly laughing at the poor guy. Any of us could have knocked him out with a single punch, and he must have known that since he was getting rather flustered. He demanded some completely different, more expensive, meals, which he didn't get. I gave him and his girlfriend some two piece meals and was smiling the rest of the day.

People are funny sometimes.

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