Saturday, November 01, 2003

Sometimes it's funny when people don't discapline their kids. Seriously. I was trying to take this guys order and his 2 year old brat was running around in cricles, suddenly I hear this *CLANG* and we look down to see the kid lying on the floor wailing up a storm. Turns out he'd run smack into the think metal guard rails KFC uses to organize the customer line.

I kinda like this method of raising kids. The best way they'll learn not to act like idiots is to let them get hurt doing it. That's how I was raised and I turned out brain damaged. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

So yesterday, an Asian couple come to my till, and ask to see an Aisan film called "Baghban". The film had started 35 minutes ago, and company policy states that you cannot go into a film 30 minutes after it starts, so you don't disrupt the other people in there. I explained this to the couple, who then just replied: "We only want two tickets."

I explained why again, since they must'nt have understood the first time. I got the same responce: "We only want two tickets, can't you just sell them us?"

Now I realise I have to make something up, so I claim that I can't actually print them, because the system has locked up for that showing, and I get the same responce! "We only want two tickets, can't you print them off?"

I explain again: "I can't print them off, because the system won't let me!" (Raising my voice, emphasising the "System won't let me bit)

Still don't listen, and they go to another till and try there. Ugh.

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