Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Another good customer story here. It's the typical "I gave you a twenty" situation, so I took the guys name and while he watched the film, I got my till cashed up and, indeed, I was £10 up, so yes, I did short-change him. The good thing was that he was really calm and didn't cause a fuss at all. That's the good way to do it, not to start shouting about how you are right and the cashier is a moron.

Thank God this guy just accepted the fact that I couldn't just give him the £10 straight away. :)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

A nice customer story for today! *Gasp*

Basically, I was sat on the Box Office (Selling tickets) when a young couple came up to me and asked for two tickets for *Insert film that I forgot the name of here*. The young woman then says "Oh, I have a student card." and shows me it, (Yes! BEFORE THE TRANSACTION! AMAZING!) so I put her through as a student, and I ask if the guy has a student card too. He responds:

"Well, I'm not a student, but you could put me through as one anyway, because I'm such a nice guy!" And gives me a REALLY cheesy smile.

I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, almost in tears and just hit the student button again, asking for £8 altogether. The young woman looked puzzled and asked "Why £8?"

I just replied: "You made me laugh more than I've laughed this week. I'm letting you in as a student!" They were gob-smaked. They hadn't expected to actually get away with it, but they were happy non-the-less, and thanked me many times. They walked away happy, I was happy, and the world turned another few degrees.

See? Happy, satisfied customers come from treating the cashier with respect. (Or by making him piss himself laughing. :P)

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