Saturday, November 15, 2003

There's a language called ENGLISH! Learn it or be shot Mexicans!

And I don't mean the mexicans that probably just read that line and got offended, nah. You guys I love. You put effort into living in America. I'm talking about the lazy shits that get smuggled in and make a living off welfare veterian money babbling like idiots as if I'm supposed to understand them.

See, it was a pretty good night for me actually. UNTIL a family of these Mexicans, and a white guy, come in. Now the fat old lady leading the charge, I can't understand a damn thing she says. She just says one or two words while point off at...something. She ain't even pointing at pictures on the menu. Naturally my first response is to give her my best "What the Fuck?!" expression. One of the older hell spawn attached to her decides to help out by saying in PERFECT ENGLISH what the hell they want. Why can her fucking children speak english but not the mother? How fucking lazy is she? And this would have been the silver linning in the cloud....had the child not been saying her sentences at the rate of 5 words a second. I couldn't understand her anymore then the fucking mother.

I'm not going to explain the rest in detail. I interpreted their mix of broken and garbled english as best I could, which of course was WRONG because they can't just learn to speak english. They wanted more chicken then I charged them for, but then they thought I overcharged them. So I just slunk into the back of the store since if I had to deal with them a third time I would have FUCKING KILLED THE CHILDREN AND TAUGHT THE MOTHER ENGLISH WHILE BEATING HER WITH A PAN!!

What I don't get is why the white guy just idealy sat by and gave me dirty looks as I got more and more confused. He obviously LOOKED like he could speak english. It would have made all our nights a hell of a lot simpler.

Man it's been a while since a customer got me pissed. Oh well.

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