Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Noooo! I have one!

This Asian guy came over asking to see a movie. I explained that the movie had sold out. The guy asked if we could slip him, and his 6 friends into the film. I explained that we had sold the majority of seats, and that we had to keep some spare for emergancys, or to prevent fire risk by people jumping into the screen without the correct ticket, and sitting in the isles, thus causing a fire hazard. Big mistake. Once he knew we had seats, he wouldn't leave for 10 minutes.

Eventually, he left, but 10 minutes later, he tried again. AGAIN! For another 10 minutes! Arg!

After I continually told him "No." he asked to speak to a Manager. I called her over, and he argued with her for another 20 minutes. He didn't get in the film, but he was apparantly going to complain because "We didn't sell him tickets, when there were seats available, due to racial discrimination."

I've not heard anything about it, so I'm assuming it was an empty threat. I hate jerks.
Look like I'll have to officially declare this blog retired now, lol. So folks, but we three haven't had much to bitch about, or we're just to caught up in our own personal things.

Was still a fun couple months though. Buh bye! >^.^<

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